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Maharashtra Police Constable recruitment new upate

It can be bad news for some candidates and good for some, ( मराठी मधे वाचण्यासाठी ख़ाली जा )Maharashtra home ministry published new rules for the recruitment of police constable post.

according to new rules written test will be taken firstly and ground test after written.

Long jump and pull ups are removed from the ground test therefore now ground test will only taken for 50 marks.govrenment officials says these rules changed to make recruitment process fastly, after this new rules candidates can not apply to many districts , becouse all districts exam will did on same day.

after written examination the also reduced the number of candidates qualifying for ground test, it may be 5 or 10 insted of 15.

in new ground test only three events will taken that is 100mt race, 1600mt race and GolaFek, now both girls and boys have same test.

these new rules makes ground test very easy for noobs, now real competation is in written test, thats why candidates should focused on written test first, ground test practice is not to hard as previous.

keep these all new rules in your mind and start preparation for the police bharti 2019 fastly.

so, good luck and dont give up.

All three events marks may be 15 + 15 + 20. 100 metres run, 1600 metres run, Golafek.

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