Content Writing Jobs: 06 Best Places to Get Hired

Could it be said that you are looking for platforms where you might begin writing articles for cash online? You might telecommute in the event that you compose articles professionally. Each day, there are new position postings that permit article authors to bring in cash.

We bring in our cash by offering article writing administrations, and we’ve found that a portion of the battle is basically understanding where the writing errands are online. You could be keen on attempting to distribute your very own portion of articles online however don’t have the foggiest idea where to start.

Being able to compose and bring in cash online might be colossally satisfying. Work with the clients, and sites, or assemble your own site that most requests to you. Since organizations frequently offer refreshed positions, you’ll view independent work entrances as very gainful. Just enlisting as an essayist and perusing job posts is everything necessary.

Step-by-step instructions to fabricate a portfolio that can assist you with getting compensated to compose online

For any essayist, having areas of strength is a fundamental device. To make your portfolio as strong as could be expected, heed the guidance underneath.

Update your portfolio with your most prominent late work

Regardless of how much unbelievable material you delivered three, five, or quite a while back, it doesn’t make any difference now. Your imminent clients need to realize that you have as of late distributed works.

Leave out some information

Believe your portfolio to be a featured video. Just the writing that you are most glad for and that fits the sort of job you want to acquire a greater amount of ought to be incorporated. On the off chance that you’re hoping to get into the excellent publishing content of a blog industry, you don’t have to have any accounts from your time filling in as a games essayist.

Put it in classifications

Assuming you compose for various crowds, keep your portfolio organized so potential businesses can rapidly distinguish the pieces that are generally like the work they need to employ you for.

Have it in a useful region

The best area to keep up with your portfolio is on your own site for business. Notwithstanding, you may constantly use a portfolio-facilitating site like Happily or ClearVoice on the off chance that you don’t presently have a site.

06 Best Places to Get Content Writing Jobs

Here’s the list of websites that are best in providing content writing jobs.

1. Details-Able

Payscale: $100 to $750

By utilizing Details-Able, gifted journalists might bring in cash writing for a scope of clients and organizations. Details-Able interfaces organizations hoping to build openness, Detailss, and site traffic with journalists who can distribute on applicable sites.

Jay Douglas laid out Details-Able, which pays fair rates in light of the sites you have created or can convince you to acknowledge your pitch. A couple of instances of specialties are business, financial matters, showcasing, clinical, sports, science, and retail.

2. Longreads

Pay: $250 to $1,500 in addition to

Longreads is looking for stories that are elegantly composed, connecting with, and easy to follow and that portray veritable human encounters that their perusers can connect with. They want long-form reporting, book surveys, understanding records, brief meetings, individual expositions, journals, basic papers, blog pieces, and individual reflections.

The word count of your commitment could go from 800 to 6,000 words, contingent upon the classification it has a place with. They pay between $250 to more than $1,500 for each piece.

3. Listverse

Since this site has practical experience in bullet point articles, as its name suggests, independent scholars ought to present their pieces in list style. Listverse has been around since and is as yet searching for unique pitches and entries that emphasize dark information, extraordinary revelations, and surprising news.

The site likewise moves toward normal subjects in an unconventional or unique manner. Try not to compose bullet point articles about self-improvement, sports, games, or individual encounters on the grounds that doing so will decrease your possibilities of getting distributed. Your bullet point article should be approximately 1,500 words long and will be paid $100 per accommodation. PayPal is regularly used to deal with installments.

4. Solid Murmurs

Compensation: $50-$150

Different articles about the climate, way of life, and numerous cultural points are available on Solid Murmurs. The expansiveness of the topic significantly expands your possibilities of being distributed.

You can compose on subjects including asset abuse, ecological insurance, and training reform. The base expense per accommodation goes from $50 to $150, albeit a definitive charge could change in view of the subject and how much exploration.

To submit, we exhort that you incorporate an unmistakable outline of your piece along with your normal installment. On the off chance that it’s relevant, you may likewise give a duplicate of your recently distributed work. Attempt to write as per their style guide after the proposition has been acknowledged. When the distribution pursues the choice to distribute, you will get compensated by means of PayPal.

5. Michelle Pippin

Payscale: $50 to $150

Michelle Pippin is searching for articles that could end up being useful to independent ventures to develop their standing, impact, or cash. The unmistakable and extraordinary business and showcasing articles composed by Michelle Pippin might be perused by a major crowd.

In the event that you have any unique substance, a cunning thought, or a hack for the business or showcasing world, this is a site to remember. The site remembers a fair assortment of articles for promoting, case examination, business venture devices, and articles on benefits, regardless of whether its essential fixation is on women in business. It frequently invigorates news stories concerning business.

The site has a significant viewership and gives an extensive variety of promoting and business-related material.

6. Wow Women on Writing

Compensation: $50-$100

Wow Women on Writing succeeds in a certain something: thinking often about female writers, supporting them, and really attempting to give prospects hoping for specialists. Their different crowd is focused on conveying first-class happiness for women.

Wow Women focus on instruction, business ventures, and outsourcing. The top to bottom articles is every now and again written to assist authors with sharpening their art and advancing their work.


We believe that our rundown has helped you in distinguishing a couple of sites worth pitching. To make this rundown, we carefully examined every site’s set of experiences so we could bear witness to its constancy. You may likewise look through the catalog to distinguish more sites that acknowledge entries in view of your claim to fame and pay for them. Blissful looking!

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