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17 Easy Jobs That Pay Well Without Experience

The first thing that comes to mind when discussing ideal positions is pay. Are you getting paid enough? Can you make a good life off of it?

The second thing to think about is what your ideal employment would involve. Is it challenging? Are the duties under your control? Do I require a GED or a high school diploma? Does this profession require more education than a high school certificate to get hired? Finally, consider how to apply for that position. The second is crucial. Many businesses have absurd requirements for potential employees.


Before getting a job that pays well most of the time, you need to have years of on-the-job training, experience, or more than simply a high school education. But what if you learn that there are occupations out there that are simple to do, pay well, and need little to no experience?

“No experience” – what does it mean?
Employers do not require you to have any prior education, training, or work experience in order to perform the job satisfactorily when they claim “no experience necessary” or “no prior experience required” in a job posting. One to three years of experience outside of a professional setting may also be listed as the minimal requirement for entry-level jobs. These extra requirements might include:

  • Courses or education
  • Internships
  • Being a member of an organization and volunteering

Your chances of landing given entry-level employment may be increased by education, such as a high school diploma, college degree, or certification. Advanced education may potentially boost your initial wage, depending on the job.

Words like “assistant” or “junior” are frequently used in the titles of jobs that need little or no experience. For the most part, these jobs offer on-the-job training to get you ready for regular duties and responsibilities.

1. Online Data Entry Jobs

Data entry is the place where you enter text, numbers, or various data into a PC. Consistently a straightforward job requires no interesting skills. Most associations need their data to go into estimation sheets or databases for detail. So they enroll people to type in the data they need.

Also, that is the best part of this job — it won’t take you long in any way shape, or form to start since anyone can get it going. All you truly need is a PC and web affiliation.

Salary: You can easily earn $15- $45 per hour, all depend on your skills.

2. Online Typing Jobs:

On the off chance that you are a quick typist and are looking for a method for making cash from home, then typing is likely an excellent option for you. There are various spots wherein you could find and make money from home copywriting. Some discernment on record while others cognizance on records entry. Typing is an ordinary term for online action postings, an abbreviation normally used to make sense of jobs beginning from records admittance to video inscriptions and records.

You can get compensated to print or copy records and not use training or revel in, and you could do it for your plan, regardless of in which you live. All you need is a trustworthy PC, fast web access, and get right of entry to applications, for example, Google Sheets and Microsoft Succeed. You can bring in cash by composting at home. This typing undertaking is an excellent method for bringing in more cash for speedy or long-haul monetary dreams with the utilization of boundless capacities.

Salary: On average, you can make up to $17- $35/hour.

3. Surveys Taker

$200 per month is the potential average monthly income.

In order to better understand their market and goods, several businesses employ professionals to do survey analysis. The duties of a survey taker vary based on the sort of survey the employer engages you for. Since the majority of these jobs are remote in nature, you may work from home.

The work may need you to complete several surveys using a computer or a mobile device. Ten to one hundred questions might be included in the survey. Some may ask you to take part in interviews, place calls beyond your area, and provide correct results to the research team. Keep in mind that in order to thrive in this position, you must be trustworthy, possess the capacity for critical thought, and be able to communicate effectively in writing.

4. Taxi Driver

Think about becoming a cab driver if you have a driver’s license and a clear record. Although it is not necessary to have any professional training, local geographic knowledge is advantageous.

If you have a good-condition vehicle, you can convert it in addition to renting. Once you start driving for ride-hailing services like Lyft or Uber, you’ll soon have a steady stream of clients. You may work as much or as little as you wish, which gives you freedom. Consequently, if you’re searching for a side gig, this is the ideal position for you.

The capacity for a small chat with strangers is a key skill for career success. You should have good interpersonal and communication skills because your consumers will have varying personalities.

5. Administrative Assistant

The average administrative assistant wage in the country is $15.30 per hour.

Administrative assistants run the office, frequently working under a manager or executive. They might manage to schedule, accept calls and emails, arrange papers, and help with business initiatives. A high school diploma, an associate’s degree, or a bachelor’s degree are frequently all that are needed for these positions.

If you want to work in a corporate setting but don’t have much professional experience, this job can be a suitable fit. Administrative assistants can advance to office managers, administrators, executive assistants, or human resource experts with education and experience.

6. House sitter

Potential Average Annual Income of $56,000

There is such a thing as house sitting, and it may pay rather well. Additionally, it doesn’t need as much on-the-job training or experience. You must be there as a house sitter to make sure the residence is not left unoccupied. Typically, when a homeowner must be away from their home for an extended amount of time, they employ house sitters.

There might be extra taxes, but the majority are not taxed. It could involve taking care of the plants, getting the mail, and doing some basic housekeeping. This is a great chance to take on other work because some house-sitting assignments may not require you to be at the house all the time.

7. Sales Representative

The national average pay for sales representatives is $62,477 per year.

Sales representatives’ main responsibilities are to sell goods and services to consumers and companies. They could be responsible for conducting lead generation efforts, contract negotiations, and sales presentations. Excellent customer service, effective communication, drive, and ambition are all desirable traits.

Sales positions are available in almost every sector, including retail and healthcare. While some entry-level jobs only call for a bachelor’s degree, others only demand a high school education, and many of them do. You could qualify for more commissions or incentives as you advance in a sales position if you achieve your sales targets.

8. Babysitter

The greatest candidate for a babysitting job is someone who is upbeat, sociable, and good with kids. Although a bachelor’s degree is often required for high-paying employment dealing with children, all that is required for this position is a set of basic life skills including empathy, patience, conflict resolution, problem-solving abilities, and understanding of caregiving.


You will be in charge of seeing the needs of youngsters while their parents or guardians are gone as a babysitter. Your responsibilities may also include making simple meals, changing diapers, washing kids, and generally ensuring their safety while entertaining them.

Some companies may additionally need a driver’s license because the job may entail picking up and dropping off kids for playdates, after-school activities, and school. Thus, having a driver’s license is advantageous.

Depending on expertise, a babysitter’s income might vary, but in the US, the typical hourly wage is $11.87, while the highest-paid make more than $17.5.

9. Personal Trainer

Potential Average Annual Income of $42,000
A career as a personal trainer may be the perfect choice for you if maintaining your fitness and working out are your priorities. In general, your duties will involve assisting customers in improving their physical fitness. You must collaborate with them and support them to make sure they maintain good technique and safety during an exercise.

People have recently been required by health standards to exercise at home. This allows you the opportunity to conduct an online personal training lesson, which is quite practical. Personal trainers make respectable incomes, although these might vary widely based on where you live, how big the gym or facility is where you work, and other factors.

10. Pharmacy Technician

The national average pay for pharmacy technicians is $16.13 per hour.

Pharmacy technicians fill and label medications for patients or healthcare professionals. These efficient people may also assist with patient data filing, inventory cataloging, and health insurance processing. If you have a high school or college degree, have attended pharmacy technology classes, or both, you may be able to obtain employment as a pharmacy technician. New employees often need to pass the certification test for pharmacy technicians and pick up job-specific skills like handling machinery.

11. Restaurant Attendant

According to projections, the US restaurant industry will increase by 20% by 2030, making it one of the fastest-growing in the country. Given that no prior experience or formal degrees are required, you can try this job.

For a few days, most restaurants provide on-the-job training to assist you to get familiar with your duties. Before you begin serving clients, some firms may even enroll you in a menu or/and responsible serving course.
Cleaning chores, preparing and serving meals, and providing customer service are all responsibilities of a restaurant attendant. However, the management of the restaurant gives the attendant a set of tasks to do.

The average hourly wage for waiters and waitresses working in restaurants and other eating venues is $11.42, with the best earners receiving more than $20.45.

12. Mystery shopper

$3,470 per month is the potential average monthly income.

Mystery shopping may be a great source of revenue for you because it is a useful service to many businesses. The work is simple enough; your primary responsibilities are to visit different locations and assess each store’s customer service performance in accordance with certain standards. While conducting market research, you are operating undercover.

Depending on the target market for a firm, companies typically demand that mystery shoppers come from various ethnicities and backgrounds. Products may need to be purchased; however, you will receive a refund afterward. Being a digital mystery shopper is now also an option. This implies the majority of the job you perform may be done online, such as making queries on housing websites and signing up for services.

13. Firefighter

The national average pay for firefighters is $44,491 annually.

Firefighting is a demanding yet rewarding profession that frequently just calls for a high school certificate. Being trained in emergency services might help you stand out as a candidate because this line of work entails giving wounded people some basic medical care. Additionally, firefighters need to be able to operate large pieces of equipment and manage crises like spills of dangerous chemicals and wildfires. On-the-job training is provided for these activities in entry-level firefighting positions that don’t require prior expertise.

14. Virtual Assistant

Potential Average Annual Income of $60,530
The work of a virtual assistant may be straightforward and comfortable, and so can hold online employment. Remote assistance for businesses is part of this work. You can be needed to carry out research, arrange data, communicate with clients or customers, and carry out secretarial tasks like filing paperwork or updating calendars.

Other duties can include responding to emails, making cold calls to create leads, booking vacations, and creating presentations in accordance with guidelines. Online job is common for virtual assistants. It is accessible full- or part-time.

15. Receptionist

Being a receptionist is another simple profession that pays well without experience. Although few would consider this their “dream job,” if you don’t have the necessary experience for other positions, why not work as a receptionist?

Receptionists answer incoming calls from clients and customers, assist clients when they visit the company’s physical location and serve as the public face of the organization by providing the greatest customer service.
If you’re searching for a profession with room for advancement, working as a receptionist is a terrific choice. Receptionists may advance their careers to work in the customer service division.

The average hourly wage for receptionists in the United States is $18; the highest earners receive more than $23 an hour.

16. Claims Adjustor

National average yearly salary: $59,275

The main responsibilities of claims adjusters are to assess property damage and personal injuries. They frequently interview people, examine documents, and evaluate the damage. Claims adjusters aid in settlement and assist a business in deciding whether to accept or reject a claim. With high school graduation, you may become an entry-level claims adjuster and grow while working under the guidance of a senior claims adjuster. You might also need to complete an insurance license course and pass the licensing test, depending on the state.

17. Website Tester

A website tester analyses and examines a website’s functionality. They evaluate the website’s usability and design from the perspective of a typical user and provide feedback.

Even though some businesses might only hire you as a website tester, possessing programming and design skills provides you an advantage. Additionally, you should be knowledgeable in content inventories, testing, and Java.

After earning a degree in computer science, you can start a job as a website tester. As long as you’re prepared to do repetitious duties, this gives you a chance to land a job that’s permanent.

Your abilities as a website tester will determine how much money you make, although in the US, the average hourly wage is $25. One of the best-paying easy occupations one can perform without having a lot of expertise, the highest earners make more than $50 an hour.

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